Don’t believe the Hate Hype

So a lot of you see my posts about “ZioNazis” (my name for Zionists) and how I feel about them and the State of Israel and how it is now being led to the right of the Nazi party of Germany. I have unfriended a 30 year friend for making comments like “Hitler did not get them all” I am not an anti-semite and I don’t suffer it or any other form of bigotry no matter the colour creed or other flavour of hate, on my feed from anyone no matter how long I have known them.

To hate Jews for being Jewish is letting the warmongering scum that have an agenda of hate win. In my personal experience I have found the people whose guidance and who are the greatest advocates for the Palestinian people are in fact of people Jewish origin, Stanley Cohen, Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein to name a few. Through their words I have built my own opinion on the modern State of Israel. They recognise the faults of the Israel and are standing up and being counted on the philosophical front with their testimony against the ill treatment of a fellow human beings and telling the truth as they see it.

Unfortunately we live in a world where our mass media that are either intellectually, philosophically or outright owned by people who have an agenda of “divide and conquer”. They do not want peace they live and thrive on constant conflict and wars, either on the battlefields or on the net. It is for this reason that I post material almost every single day from various organisations or people who are doing the work of Justice for their fellow humans.

The easiest thing in the world is to fall into is, hate and join in with condemnation of others that are different to us because of the colour of their skin or religion or any other divider. It is the easiest thing to believe the hate rhetoric, that is channeled at us on a daily basis, through the mass media. It takes real courage to do the opposite to in the face of such hate, as it is normally it is your own peer groups who are demanding you join them with the hate.

An example of this is a few weeks ago it came to light that the New Years celebrations in Cologne was turned into a “mass attacks and assaults” on white christian women by refugees. This gave fuel to right wing parties in Germany and other across the EU. The end result of this was a hardening of attitudes towards refugees and attacks on them, they are welcomed one day from war torn hell and the next they are abused.

Reality is after the fire branding was complete that of the 58 people arrested for the New Years celebrations only 3 were actually refugees. When a white woman news reporters was groped on live television by three white german speaking men nothing is mentioned. It was not reported until much later as an anti-position of double standards by the mass media.It only becomes news as a double standards of reporting even though it is the very same kind of attack that took place on New Years Eve in Cologne.

Here is the thing for you to all to consider.

A bunch of Settlers Cunts and their ZioNazis supporters would love you all to hate all Jews as this would do their work for them and then they can accuse the Jews that are standing in opposition to their stance as traitors to Judaism and the people and the State of Israel.

A bunch of Cunts in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and others who have vested interests within the Islamic Republic of Iran to keep the status quo would love you to hate all Iranians. This would then allow them to make traitors of all who stand against the regime. (The fact that 98% of the Iranian people are dying to have better relations with the West means nothing to them.)

A bunch of Jihadist ISIS Cunts would like everyone in the world to hate all Muslims and to treat them like shit so they can then recruit people to their cause and swell their numbers with their vile ideology, which is nothing more than a murder cult unless you are one of them.

A bunch of “fill your own extremist” Cunts would like everyone to hate, “fill in your own majority group” do you see what I did there?

You see the things all of these people have in common? They want to have control of over others through Fear and Terror. They are Fascists in everything but name. They believe they are the chosen people and they believe that we should be in a constant inter-civilisation struggle, so every time you accept a bullshit story and do nothing about it you are part of the problem.

Do you want to see a world like Star Trek where humanity is working as one entity for all of humanity? Then stop trying to find the differences with others and try to find the things you have in common with people and support the truth wherever you see it. You only need to answer o one question, do you want to be a part of the human race that is a loving nurturing civil society that looks after each other or you want to be a part of the hate filled agenda of fascists and warmongers?

We have to accept the good we see in each culture of the human race from the beginning of time and add that to the sum total of our human civilisation. Anything which fails the test of “universal human values” has to be assigned to the dust bin of our past humanity.

Today I was inspired by an Ashkenazy Jew (you know the ones I am suppose to hate) to write this article and the work she does at Breaking the Silence. Without these voices speaking out of Israel then we would see this world full of only the hate of warmongers.

We are in the midst of a conflict for the heart and minds of the human race. You are either with the dividers and warmongers or you are with humanity and the diversity it brings with it from all cultures melting into a pot of a singular humanity and a great civil society to give us all hope on a planetary scale for happiness and equal human rights for all.

I urge you to watch this 20 minute video if you want to see the true meaning of courage.


About Hozwoldian

I am building an organisation that is going to help transform the relationship between a citizen and the state. I love democracy and liberty above all else. The world is in the grasp of an idealogical battle between those that would like to see the world divided into smaller and smaller groups of people and those are trying to unite humanity to give everyone equal human rights my personal philosophy is best described by the words of the Magna Carta. “NO Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be dispossessed of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will we not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgement of his Peers, or by the Law of the land. We will sell to no man; we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right”.
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