Don’t believe the Hate Hype

So a lot of you see my posts about “ZioNazis” (my name for Zionists) and how I feel about them and the State of Israel and how it is now being led to the right of the Nazi party of Germany. I have unfriended a 30 year friend for making comments like “Hitler did not get them all” I am not an anti-semite and I don’t suffer it or any other form of bigotry no matter the colour creed or other flavour of hate, on my feed from anyone no matter how long I have known them.

To hate Jews for being Jewish is letting the warmongering scum that have an agenda of hate win. In my personal experience I have found the people whose guidance and who are the greatest advocates for the Palestinian people are in fact of people Jewish origin, Stanley Cohen, Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein to name a few. Through their words I have built my own opinion on the modern State of Israel. They recognise the faults of the Israel and are standing up and being counted on the philosophical front with their testimony against the ill treatment of a fellow human beings and telling the truth as they see it.

Unfortunately we live in a world where our mass media that are either intellectually, philosophically or outright owned by people who have an agenda of “divide and conquer”. They do not want peace they live and thrive on constant conflict and wars, either on the battlefields or on the net. It is for this reason that I post material almost every single day from various organisations or people who are doing the work of Justice for their fellow humans.

The easiest thing in the world is to fall into is, hate and join in with condemnation of others that are different to us because of the colour of their skin or religion or any other divider. It is the easiest thing to believe the hate rhetoric, that is channeled at us on a daily basis, through the mass media. It takes real courage to do the opposite to in the face of such hate, as it is normally it is your own peer groups who are demanding you join them with the hate.

An example of this is a few weeks ago it came to light that the New Years celebrations in Cologne was turned into a “mass attacks and assaults” on white christian women by refugees. This gave fuel to right wing parties in Germany and other across the EU. The end result of this was a hardening of attitudes towards refugees and attacks on them, they are welcomed one day from war torn hell and the next they are abused.

Reality is after the fire branding was complete that of the 58 people arrested for the New Years celebrations only 3 were actually refugees. When a white woman news reporters was groped on live television by three white german speaking men nothing is mentioned. It was not reported until much later as an anti-position of double standards by the mass media.It only becomes news as a double standards of reporting even though it is the very same kind of attack that took place on New Years Eve in Cologne.

Here is the thing for you to all to consider.

A bunch of Settlers Cunts and their ZioNazis supporters would love you all to hate all Jews as this would do their work for them and then they can accuse the Jews that are standing in opposition to their stance as traitors to Judaism and the people and the State of Israel.

A bunch of Cunts in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and others who have vested interests within the Islamic Republic of Iran to keep the status quo would love you to hate all Iranians. This would then allow them to make traitors of all who stand against the regime. (The fact that 98% of the Iranian people are dying to have better relations with the West means nothing to them.)

A bunch of Jihadist ISIS Cunts would like everyone in the world to hate all Muslims and to treat them like shit so they can then recruit people to their cause and swell their numbers with their vile ideology, which is nothing more than a murder cult unless you are one of them.

A bunch of “fill your own extremist” Cunts would like everyone to hate, “fill in your own majority group” do you see what I did there?

You see the things all of these people have in common? They want to have control of over others through Fear and Terror. They are Fascists in everything but name. They believe they are the chosen people and they believe that we should be in a constant inter-civilisation struggle, so every time you accept a bullshit story and do nothing about it you are part of the problem.

Do you want to see a world like Star Trek where humanity is working as one entity for all of humanity? Then stop trying to find the differences with others and try to find the things you have in common with people and support the truth wherever you see it. You only need to answer o one question, do you want to be a part of the human race that is a loving nurturing civil society that looks after each other or you want to be a part of the hate filled agenda of fascists and warmongers?

We have to accept the good we see in each culture of the human race from the beginning of time and add that to the sum total of our human civilisation. Anything which fails the test of “universal human values” has to be assigned to the dust bin of our past humanity.

Today I was inspired by an Ashkenazy Jew (you know the ones I am suppose to hate) to write this article and the work she does at Breaking the Silence. Without these voices speaking out of Israel then we would see this world full of only the hate of warmongers.

We are in the midst of a conflict for the heart and minds of the human race. You are either with the dividers and warmongers or you are with humanity and the diversity it brings with it from all cultures melting into a pot of a singular humanity and a great civil society to give us all hope on a planetary scale for happiness and equal human rights for all.

I urge you to watch this 20 minute video if you want to see the true meaning of courage.

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Whats wrong with my e-petition???


I listened to David Cameron, my Prime Minister speak in Parliament on the last day before its summer break, on the question of Gaza-Israel conflict.

I felt sick listening to him defend the Israeli line of defense, as if he was a Israeli spokesman and not the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom. He said nothing that made me feel that we are anything other than a client state to the Israeli government. My UK government is not acting like an honest broker to both sides. With every utterance of his line defense of Israel I kept saying to myself “NOT IN MY NAME”. I was raging how is he just ignoring the suffering of those women and children with the disproportionate attacks by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). I felt that his stance and that of the UK government was incredibly one sided and gave all the benefit of the doubt to Israel and not taking into account the losses being suffered by the civilians of Gaza in the name of the security of the Israeli people.

I decided to write an e-petition as is my right.

Petition for the Equal Treatment of all sides in the Gaza Conflict

Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

We call upon the UK gov to act as an honest, fair & impartial intermediary to bring both sides into peaceful negotiations.

The UK gov is favouring the State of Israel, we believe this is not representative of the will of the majority of the people of the United Kingdom.

At this time, the Government of the UK is presenting a poor reflection of our nation’s stance on human rights. In order to reach a long standing peace, a full examination of the situation in this region must take place. The number of those killed or injured continues to climb, with too many children among the dead and wounded. Harm of innocents on both sides must stop, and we demand that our Government plays a fair & Impartial role in the pursuit of an equal, fair and enduring solution for peace.

We ask the UK Gov to act impartially, to treat equally with the State of Israel and the People of Gaza to swiftly resolve the turmoil caused by the onslaught that is taking place in this region at present.

This was then given as the answer to my rejection

“This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given”

“There is already an e-petition about this issue.”

“The following explanatory notes have been added”


So I want to know where there is a e-petition that is similar?

I have written to the e-Petition team and await to see what they have to say. here is the petition I have written.

I await to see what is said and will update you all in due course.

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Citizen Reporters


A few years ago we all received our news from the newspapers

Then we got news from the television

Then we got news from the internet

Then we got news from Social Media

Now is the dawn of the “Citizen Reporter” time for a new way to get our news and that is from you

There is nothing to stop you becoming a citizen reporter of all that happens to you and around you, all you need is a camera+Internet and the drive to make a change happen. We live in a fast changing world, where new technology arrives every day. As citizen reporters we have to keep each other aware of all that is happening to each other, today. I don’t want to be another statistic in the eyes of Google and or Facebook. I want to get my news from other people around the world direct. People like myself who are not trying to sell me an idea, ideology or a product. I just want the truth of what is actually happening to you: right now. I want to judge people on their actions through my own eyes and sight without the filter of what is “right or wrong” as judged by others. I don’t want the parameters of what is right or wrong shoved down my throat I want to see it for myself.

Just to be clear I am not advocating that the wonderful news media and teams that have done sterling work in bringing us the news should be sidelined. I just want everything to be self verified by picture and audio for us and by us. I think it would be great to hear the narrative from people directly involved if they want to share, and if they know how to do just that.

Its not hard to let people know what you are doing if you have the right kit and the right mind set.

Yesterday I was a Citizen Reporter for an evening.

I wanted to see if I can use things that I have around me on a daily basis without spending any other money to film and broadcast the Westminster City Council meeting. I wanted to see if it is possible to do this without putting myself out of pocket, I managed it without having to spend an extra penny. Yes you can do it too, on an even smaller budget, I did it all for under £300 worth of equipment as can be bought off ebay right now.

ImageAs you can see above this is the kit I used. I will describe everything you need from left to right and then the tripod.

Battery Charger:

Can be found here Choose a cheap one, I borrowed that from a friend. I decided not to take a chance of either the Mifi or the iPad running out of power while filming and broadcasting so I took one of these with me as a back up plan. (£39.99)


From EE I have monthly plan of 8GB which costs me £22 a month, as you can see the whole of last nights broadcasting which started at 19.00 pm and went through to 21.48 and was in HD and High Quality audio only took up 921MB. (Just to be clear Bambuser allows you to send the rest of the data files that you did not broadcast live at the time up when you get home, so the 921MB is just what was broadcast.) The higher the resolution you use, the higher the bandwidth required. I don’t think you need more than this quality or you may get issues with the sound being distorted as was the case with us last night. It also does not help if people do not speak into Microphones hey Liam? (£22.00 a Month) Just to be clear you do not need a Mifi and can in fact tether your smart device to a hotspot form your phone, but it has to be 4G if you want to broadcast, 3G will not do. You can obviously record off line with Bambuser and upload from home.

The cable to you see in picture is to keep the Mifi charged with the portable battery above.

Image iPad Mini

I have the 32GB version without 3G and it can be found here Yes you can buy them from eBay or elsewhere cheaper or as a refurbished one, but I bought mine from Apple. There is nothing wrong with using any other operating device such as Android so long as it has a camera and can connect to the internet. So it can be ANY Smart device. I used the iPad to broadcast rather than my iPhone, because I was watching the stream and chatting to people on twitter as I was broadcasting with my hand set. (also I am addicted to my phone and can’t live without it being in my hand). The main reason I did not want to use my phone to record is that people tend to ring my phone at the worst possible times. If you have an audience that is watching your stream they do not want to be disturbed by your constant calls. So I would suggest you use another device other than a phone if you can. (£185 second hand)

The cable is to charge the iPad by the end of the recording it was on 56% so did not need another boost.


You can find them here and the important thing about the clamp is that it should have a screw to go on to a tripod. Its not a good idea to film with the camera in your hands you will get tired and you will lose your audience. (£10)

Tripod:I got mine for free when I bought my camera from Jessops (gawd bless them) otherwise you can find them here. This is very important part of the kit you have. If you want people to watch and listen to the meetings then you have to have a very stable picture. Nothing makes people switch off more than seeing a jumpy picture, it switches the brain off when you do that, so use a Tripod failing that get a stick and tape your device to it and keep it very still so the camera is not wondering all over the place. (£15)


Now I believe twitter is a very good tool to engage with people while you are broadcasting. I was able through the help of a viewer (Liam the Life saver) to get things right or try my best to do that. I also believe that much like twitter is used in a #Hashtag for an event such as Question Time you can do this with other live events and have people give a running commentary from their homes as they watch meetings like this. This can and should be a model for engagement for people who are unable to get out to these meetings and who want to know what is happening as it happens. It maybe boring for some but for others it could be a the only way to stay informed, on matters that are relevant to them, but are normally not seen, due to mobility issues. So try to create a hashtag for your events at all times, I used #CoWApr2014 for the evening no one else used it :).


Now to the bit that does all the magic of broadcasting for you. There is a free service version that is used by all sorts of people to broadcast what they are doing live, to an audience. You can easily find this App on iTunes and on Googleplay download onto your smart device. The setup is easy and allows instant sharing with a dozen social media sites, Facebook, Twitter…etc. We now live an age where 4G is rolling out across the country it’s not everywhere but a lot of the population is covered by it and it is a requirement to have at least 2mb upload to be able to broadcast in HD and a clear audio line, in my personal experience. I am sure there are other companies that do this kind of work but Bambuser for me does it all. I use them because they are easy to use and because of the word of mouth of a good friend @johnPopham. The other great thing about Bambuser is that it allows you to record off line and then when you get home to use the home internet to upload it all to your channel.


Just a tip that I think I need to add here about the audio. I setup as in the below picture. with the iPad nearly touching the speaker. I kindly asked the staff of Westminster City Council (Nick Spencer top man) in the morning if I can have access to the venue before they started and they kindly obliged. As you can see I chose the middle speaker facing the podium and was able to get all of the council members in the broadcast with a very strong and clear audio. Only issue is when the they decide to not talk into the microphones.


ImageThis is the link for the Westminster City Council Meeting I had to do it as two broadcasts that follow each other with a gap of around a minute missing of the Lord Mayors speech as there was an issue with the sound quality. I tried to resolve this by reducing the audio quality a little, but as I said earlier the speakers were not speaking into the microphones.


I also just wanted to add another piece of information for you about another great App on iTunes and on Google Play here that can be used to broadcast and record audio only events. It is very light weight on bandwidth and can record off-line for you and you can then broadcast to your channel later on.

Final Word

On a very long post, sorry for the length of this thing, I hope that others are inspired to do the same and become “Citizen Reporters” to share their news so we can keep each other informed.

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Experiment in Democratic Participation Live Broadcast of Westminster City Council

I decided just this morning to prove a little point I have been making about ‘smart’ technology and how it can easily be used to enhance and reach out to the electorate to help democratic engagement.

So without spending an extra penny today, I am going to show how easy it is to film and broadcast a live Council Meeting to the world wide web and as such directly into your homes and smart devices be they phones or tables.

I don’t know if it is all going to work or not but I am going to do this without using any special items or services but just going to use an iPad Mini.

To follow the event please go to my broadcasting account on Bambuser where the feed will be going live at 19.00 tonight, the video feed will be found here .

I hope that the quality is good enough for you all to take part in this twitter hashtag  #CoWApr2014


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Andrew Percy Member of Parliament for Brigg and Goole

Andrew Percy

Member of Parliament for Brigg and Goole

Hi Andrew the “Fool” here again, seeing as you have blocked me on Twitter because I have asked you a couple of simple questions I have decided to write a quick blog to ask you a few questions and let people see what has happened.

Image You then followed  it up by this gem of a Tweet, without waiting for any kind of response from me.

ImageThen when Paul Hampton a friend of mine, who is a Conservative, asks the following question you give him and me another clas comment calling us both Fool. Good job on re-enforcing why normal members of the public have such a low opinion of their members of parliament.

ImageYou then had the gall and temerity to “block” him as well after insulting us on Twitter.

ImageIn fact it seems you just block anyone that asks a question that you don’t like to answer or cannot answer. The questions remain by the way, no matter you block or not, trying engaging people instead of blocking, its not politics to just ignore people and hope they go away, they don’t go away and also they think less of you for it.

I have laid it all out so everyone can see the time line of events.

So to my Questions:

1/ You mentioned in your tweet that on “previous trips we’ve met the PA”? When did you last me meet members of the PA in Israel or anywhere else?

2/ How many times have you been to Israel since you have become a MP?

3/ How many times did you go there to “help” the peace process?

4/ How many times did you go there to work for the Conservative Friends of Israel?

I am just quoting your website here and I don’t see anything there about your work on behalf of the Conservative Friends of Israel and in fact all I can see is your comments on working on behalf of “local Matters” as can be seen below, taken straight of your website.

“Andrew believes the most important role of an MP is to represent their constituents and to work hard to resolve local problems. That’s why Andrew is engaging with residents at a very local level to help fight for the local community on the issues that matter to them.

Andrew is also a supporter of a number of pressure groups including, the Countryside Alliance, The National Trust and The Campaign Against Political Correctness. He is also a member of the teaching union VOICE (Professional Association of Teachers).”

Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t believe you hold any official governmental positions when it comes to Israel or the Middle East? So why are you having meetings in Israel with “various officials, academics and think tanks on the Iran situation” what exactly qualifies you to be having these meetings with these people? Which part of your parliamentary duties or remit are you trying to quantify with your work in Israel?

Do your electorate realise that you are doing all this other work in their name as their elected representatives? Its obvious that you are not using any public money for this work. It can clearly be seen who is paying by your own declarations here

You are a Member of Parliament you are meant to be a representative of the people, you are also a representative of the UK as one of its MP. So when I asked you if you had seen any Palestinians on your visit, I don’t think it is asking too much to get a straight answer without being called a “Fool”.

The “problem-situation” of Iran is that is being run by a tyrant regime that feeds on the work that AIPAC and other organisations such as Conservative Friends of Israel are committed too. In fact between the work of these above organisations, the work of the Israeli government and the work of the  IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) leaders nothing is ever going to change, and all that is going to happen is that the Status Quo will be maintained with hate being multiplied to the Nth degree.

If you want to help try the following:

Bring the region together, change the policies and allow the people of Israel and Palestine to find peace, its not hard if you really want peace. Do that and you will have taken out the single largest piece of ammunition that is being used by every single jihadist in the world today.

Work out how to get a orthodox Jew and a Muslim to love each other instead of feeding hate to both sides. I use the word “Love” not “respect” because one is infinitely more powerful than the other. Get them to see the commonality between them instead of the differences.

While all that is being discussed is how to kill each other then nothing will change. I truly feel that is exactly what the regime in Iran wants and it suits the agenda of Israel as well. The two regimes can be pitted against each other by the relevant leaders and fill the minds and souls of Iranians and Israeli with animosity and hatred, so long as business can continues as usual, this only suits elites in both countries. The average Iranian, Arab and Israeli could not care less for your wars and just want to be able to to live in peace to trade and prosper.

This status quo will never change while the regional leaders are dancing the same dance every single day, so try changing the tune and you will have done good Andrew.

The “Fool” signing out


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To Stand by those that deserve our help is the duty of every man and woman

A little known thing has happened in Iran in the last few days, which is not hit the western media for some reason, maybe its because they are now working to bring Iran in from isolation.

Turning a blind eye to everything to get the nuclear agreement signed, which is great but not dealing with the underlying issue of

“A government that is not of the people or for the people or by the people.

Here is an article that explains what has happened in the last week or so in Evin prison.

The quick summary:

Revolutionary Guards from the IRGC anti-intelligence section in Ward 350 of Evin prison to prevent leakage of information, as well as to further pressure and control the political prisoners in this ward, have brutalised prisoners.

These political prisoners were made to walk blindfolded, down long lines of men that lashed out at them with sticks, kicks and punches. This is to be expected from the thugs that employed to do this work, but this time they have added another humiliation to try to break the will of the prisoners.

They have decided to shave their heads, moustaches and beards.

This article was written by a fellow Iranian that I follow on twitter Golnaz Esfandiari @GEsfandiari and it has motivated me to write my article, and to also to shave my hair too.

There is a Facebook group called


Jailed Iranian human rights lawyer Abdolfatah Soltani


Hamrrahe 350 Evin” a quick translation means  “Travelers with the 350 in Evin”

This Facebook group is covered in the photos of those who have already shaved their heads to show their solidarity with the prisoners in Evin.

To have a shaved head today in Iran is badge of honour and not a badge of shame.

Through this little show of support we want to let those prisoners in Evin they are not alone nor should they feel ashamed of being shaved by these cretins of the regime. They have given us all a way to celebrate and join in a protest that can also be joined by anyone in the world to show their support with all political prisoners not just the ones in Iran today. The more they try to humiliate you the stronger will  be the blow back in their faces.

I hope that more Iranian’s and others with a conscience will join us in this show of solidarity with men who are political prisoners, not just those in Evin, in Tehran, but everywhere.

Can I ask you if you would be kind enough to share this post to as many people as you can so we can show solidarity with political prisoners around the world, and on this day the ones in Evin prison.

My shaved photo will be up very soon.


Hussain Shafiei

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Doha to London two times in tears


On the 27th of November 1996 my youngest brother Baback, twenty two years old, one of seven children was struck down with an illness that in the end cost him his life, in just one night.

He went to hospital at around 10 pm and he died in less than 6 hours of a heart embolism. He had been fasting for all the months of Ramadan that he had missed in his youth. He fasted for six months in a row because, he felt it was his duty to catch up his days with his god in case: he was to die young. He did not want to leave anything owing on his part as part of his duties to Islam.

His body had obviously been weakened by the continues fasting of six months in a row. When his chest was infected his body was too weak to give him a fighting chance to survive. According to family and friends that took him to the hospital they described him as coughing up blood, no one thought he would shortly be drawing his last breath with blood in his lungs.

On arrival at Hamad Hospital he was misdiagnosed as having TB and put into an isolation unit and left unattended. His health deteriorated fast as he was not treated by anyone. He was just left to his own devices and on his own. His body went critical, he screamed out to our cousin, that he was dying.

He started to recite the Koran and saying he was going to meet his maker. The hospital staff belatedly decided to take action, it was off course too late. In the end it proved to be too little too late. My brother was declared dead at 5 am after having nearly eight to ten pints of blood and plasma put into him.

As was the custom in Qatar he was buried that very same day, no autopsy was done, no answers. All we were told as the family was that It was “His time to go, it was his destiny, It was Allah will”. It certainly wasn’t our will as the family, we were destroyed.

His death was a juggernaut that hit our entire family, brothers, sisters cousins alike, it was our first death. It was the first sorrow of our lives. It is at times like this you question the equity of Life. It is not fair when the person you least expect to die dies first, a lesson learnt to this day, never expect anything to be as you think it will be. I wore black clothes in mourning for 11 months out of respect for his passing.

Baback was the youngest and most unexpected person to pass away out of all us. I had hoped I would die before him and in fact before all my brothers and still hope too to this day. I never want to see another brother buried before me. They say “no parent should bury their children” so the state of my parents minds at this time was an unfathomable grief, they were inconsolable. My mother was broken that day and still carries the scar of that day on her soul. She has refused to visit his grave and confront the simple fact that her son is buried in a small plot of land in Qatar.

My father was at one time one of the wealthiest men in Qatar, he squandered his fortune in the Palm Beach Casino, amongst a variety of other world wide casinos. He had an addiction with gambling, even when he was living in his dying years he would still go to the casino and play, with next to no money. Simply put he was addicted and could not help himself. I unlike some of my family do not blame my father for his disease of addiction and his misfortune in the twilight of his life. He was a self made man, he was given no fortune, so was not obliged to pass anything on to us. He run away from his older sister house when he was 10 years old. He lived and made himself into a success, good luck to the young runaway kid. In the end he did leave us enough for us all to build a fortune with after his death, may he rest in peace.

At the passing of Baback my father was riddled with guilt for the rest of his living days. He felt he never did enough for his youngest son when he needed him the most. He was unable to provide for his youngest son as he done for all of his elder siblings. He lived with this guilt, he had feelings of inadequacy as a father which no one could breach. Unlike the rest of us Baback did not go to boarding to school, all the way through. Unlike the rest of us he did not have the advantage of wealth given to start a business or an education paid for in the best universities in the world, the chances given to us in comparison to our youngest brother were nil.

Our father is buried in Qatar even though he passed away in London. It was his last wish to be buried in Qatar next to his son, this did not happen exactly as he wanted as the graveyard Baback was buried in was closed by 2004 and no more burials were allowed in that graveyard. At the very least it is in the same country at least where he made his fortune and his name, where his sons still today carry on his name in business, Shafiei Steel He passed away on the 2nd November 2004, just short of eight years after the death of his youngest of seven children.

Now to the point of this whole post I am writing this post on a flight in between Qatar and london. Fourty days after my brother was buried I traveled to Qatar. I had not slept properly for any night before my arrival to Qatar. The first real night of sleep I had was when I went to my brothers graveyard in the middle of the night, with a pillow and blanket and lay on his grave.

It was the first night I felt any peace because I knew he was only no more than a meter away from me. It was the first time I felt any peace within myself in fourty nights. I slept till I was woken up by the call to prayers in the morning. I went back to sleep again till the sun came up and the birds woke me up with their chirping.

I said my goodbye to my youngest brother that night.

I left Qatar within a few days and I was flying out on a Gulf Air flight. I was seated on the righthand side of the plane. I asked the flight attendants which way the flight takes off? They said they don’t know, I asked if I could speak to the captain. They said they would ask and I was shortly invited to the flight cabin. I asked the captain which way the plane takes off he informed me that all Doha International flights take off over the Bay of Doha. I thanked him and started to walk out of the cabin. He asked me why I had asked? I informed him that I had lost my youngest brother only a few days ago and if the flight had taken off in the other direction I would be able to see his graveyard as we took off.

The plane moves and we start to go through the motion of taxiing to the runway I notice that the plane is not going the right way. The plane takes off and it is flying into the desert and not over the Bay of Doha, I look out of the window of and spot the graveyard where a part of me is buried to this day, I am in tears at this gesture of human empathy uncalled for, with no promise of gift other than the touching of understanding human souls, who reach out when they see another in pain. The captain had got special permission from the tower to fly the wrong way for take off.

The cabin crew inform me that the captain has requested I join him in the flight cabin. I arrive into the cabin and the captain was sitting in his chair so I could not reach out to give him the biggest hug in the world. I was invited to stay for a while, he told me “when I saw you I saw you have a mountain on your shoulders”. It was then that he mentioned that he had only just lost both his parents in an accident so we shared our moment grief and parted ways, his name was Chris I believe he was a South African national he was simply sent to me by angels that day.

Thank you for being there for me that day Captain Chris. I wish I knew where you are today so I can thank you again, two souls sharing a time and space, I write this in tears same as the day you flew the wrong way up a runway to show empathy to a fellow human being.


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